Astrology has been around since the time of the Sumerians. There have been many famous Astrologers throughout time such as; the 3 Wise Men, Sir Isaac Newton and the prophet Nostradamus. In fact, Astrology was taught at all the best universities until the 1600s! Astrology is the study of the relationship between the Planets, Zodiac Signs and the 12 Houses in your chart.

When you are born the planets are aligned in a way that is totally unique to you! No one has your exact chart for thousands of years!

astrology (1).jpgAstrologers use your birth chart as the stepping off point for all other charts. A Natal Chart (or Birth Chart) is based on your Birth Date, Exact Time of birth and the location of your birth (City and State or Country)

Having this chart done is like having a personality profile done. You birth chart points out your talents, likes and dislikes, how you think and socialize, how you can earn money, the type of people you’re attracted to and things that you need to work on and improve on. It is a very helpful tool in getting to know yourself or anyone else!

Your birth chart is as distinct to you as your DNA!

You can order your own chart or book a reading below!

PRINTED REPORTS (does NOT include a consultation with Katherine)                             

you may pay for any of the PRINTED REPORTS by going to Paypal-Katherine Metcalf. Once payment has gone through the bank, your chart will be emailed to you.

Birth Chart and Printed Interpretation-an 8-10 page report of your personality        $25

Numerology Report of name & birth date                                                                              $25

One year Personalized Horoscope (approx 80 pages-is a daily horoscope)                  $100

Solar Return Chart (a psychological analysis of your new Birthday year-25 pages)    $100

Compatibility Charts (includes three charts and three reports)                                      $150


Meetings with Katherine In person, by Skype or Zoom or by phone

NEW CLIENT (Most Popular)                                                                                                  $200
  This includes an in depth analysis of your birth chart, the current Transits and a Tarot Reading at a discounted rate. This meeting lasts approximately 90 minutes.


Solar Return                                                                                                                                 $150

This should be done about two weeks before your birthday. This is an amazingly accurate report that tells you what to expect for the year. Meeting is approx 45 minutes.

TRANSITS                                                                                                                                     $150

This includes an in depth analysis of your birth chart and current Planetary Transits . You will receive a year long horoscope written specific to you. This meeting lasts 1 hour.

CAREER GUIDANCE                                                                                                                $200


I love helping people find their true calling and yes an analysis of your Astrology Chart can give direction to a fulfilling career. I spend approximately 3 hours of detailed work to find realistic career choices that will make you happy! Meeting is approximately 1 hour.


COMPATIBILITY CHARTS                                                                                                        $200

Excellent to do for love or business! I cover, in detail each individual’s personality traits and then create a third chart of the relationship itself. You will leave with a booklet chock full of info about you and your partner. This will definitely open the lines of communication! Meeting lasts approximately 2 hours.

**If you are a new client and are requesting a private meeting you must make a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit to reserve the time for an Astrology Reading. I spend several hours preparing charts and this helps re-coup costs if you choose not to honor our meeting.

To schedule your reading email:

or call 623-330-0861.