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The Energy of April 2018

The month of April starts off with excitement and positive new beginnings, but the end of April brings challenging and possibly destructive aspects. I suggest meditation and mindfulness.

NEW MOON April 15th at 26 degrees Aries

new moon aries.jpg

New Moons are a time of new beginnings.

This new moon in Aries brings enthusiasm and a desire to try something new! Take time to reflect on your life and ask yourself- “What can I improve?”. The universe has your back with positive aspects supporting your new choices. The Sun/Moon conjunct Mercury helps you understand and communicate clearly. (Mercury also goes direct on April 15th!)  The Sun/Moon are rubbing shoulders with Uranus making you more experimental and open minded. Optimistic Jupiter is sextile to transforming Pluto increasing the odds for success in your personal growth! Venus and Mars are dancing happily together making our love relations more harmonious. This is the perfect time to begin a new exercise program, make healthy food choices, start a new business or practice your spiritual or religious beliefs. Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy!

FULL MOON April 29th, 2018 at 9 degrees Scorpio

This full moon at 9 degrees Scorpio is opposing one of the most feared and dangerous Fixed Stars: Algol. The Fixed Star Algol is found in the constellation of the snake head of Medusa. It is associated with death, mass violence, hangings and be-headings! This moon is also square to the asteroid Ceres. Ceres represents food, agriculture, nurturing, motherhood and protection. Combine these two negative aspects and we could see some horrible situations of mothers and children being attacked (Similar to the Syrian chemical missiles) There could be a poisoning of food that affects many people. Ceres also represents weather-so we could experience very unusual weather patterns that could cause accidents.

My suggestion in dealing with this day is to stick close to home or be aware of your surroundings.

Luckily there are some positive aspects that can help us accomplish the goals we started on the New Moon. The Sun is trine to Saturn helping us to be organized and dedicated. The Moon sextile to Saturn gives us motivation to work hard and achieve our goals. Finally, there is a soft aspect of soulful Neptune  trining Jupiter which brings about hope and compassion. If God forbid, something horrible happens, we can come together and help one another.

Sending you blessings of love,

Astrologer Katherine Metcalf


 FULL BLUE MOON MARCH 31st at 10 degrees Libra

couple fighting.jpg

This is the second full moon in one month-which makes it a Blue Moon. This full Moon is all about relationships, with ourselves and others.
With squares to Saturn, we may be feeling stuck or frustrated. With Mercury square to Mars we may find angry words flying out of our mouths. It is wise to check in with your heart, journal your feelings and then do your best to have a calm discussion with your partner. Listening and being willing to compromise can lead to a healthy solution. If Love is at the foundation, stick with it, if not-it may be time to move on!


NEW MOON in sensitive PISCES 3-17-18

mermaid moon.jpgNew Moons are a time of new beginnings. If you have a desire to increase your intuition or be more compassionate-this is the time! So take a class or help someone!
There are a couple of challenges with this New Moon that you should have a heads up on.
This New Moon will trigger the asteroid Chiron (known as the Wounded Healer) causing an old wound or pain to rise to the surface. You may have been to therapy for years or you may have just buried it but whatever “it” is-it needs to be addressed again. Because there is a square to the planet Mars, “it” likely has to do with sex, rape, assault or anger towards men. Although it is always painful to relive the pain-this time you have a beneficial aspect to Uranus, which means you may get that light bulb moment that allows you to heal it once and for all.
Be very patient and kind with yourself.
Know that you are worthy of love!